I study conflict in both its violent and non-violent forms.  In the domain of violent conflict, I focus on within-state phenomena (civil wars, revolutions, etc.).  My research interests are both methodological and substantive.  From a methodological perspective, I am interested in how changes in the underlying definition of "conflict" affect the comparability of cases and the compositions of data sets.  From a substantive perspective, I am interested in the under-appreciated drivers of participant (and observer) behavior, particularly psychological variables.


Civil Wars

"High Stakes and Low Bars: International Recognition of Governments during Civil Wars" (forthcoming in International Security, Summer 2018 issue)

Landau-Wells, Marika. “Capital Cities in Civil Wars: The Locational Dimension of Sovereign Authority,” Occasional Paper 6, Crisis States Research Center, London School of Economics.  April, 2008.

other conflict interests

“The Paradox of Revolutions: How Can We Isolate the Causal Effects of Transformative Events?” (Working Paper with Kai Thaler, Harvard)